Brewers Coffee – Portland

Like the Hudson or PCP when I'm dusting

Brewers Coffee – Portland

Brewers Coffee is a fair trade coffee store in the downtown Portland area. Founded in 2016, I developed the logo, UX/UI design and build out for their desktop/mobile app.

Elevator Pitch:

The coffee bean industry is one of the largest sites of forced labor around the world. We have taken a stand – all our products meet Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic certifications. Delicious, affordable and most importantly – ethical; Brewers coffee beans are well worth waking up for!

Target Audience:


  • Coffee Drinkers
  • Remote workers   
  • Ethical and environmentally conscious
  • Liberal minded
  • Young adults who vote


  • More singles than family                               
  • Education – College Education or Higher
  • Occupations – IT and Business people, remote workers                
  • Age – 20s to 40s
  • Location – Portland, OR, 97201


  • Personality & Attitudes: Liberal, politically/environmentally conscious, artistic
  • Values: Morality, Ethics, Environment
  • Lifestyle: Single, social, loves a night out, works hard

User Needs:

  • Order food online
  • Grub Hub / Door Dash supported
  • Menu configuration options
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Address, Phone Number, & Hours
  • Nutritional Value
  • Social media presence links

Client Needs:

  • Set up online orders
  • Grub Hub / Door Dash supported
  • Provide a system for order customization
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Continual Reliability
  • Users able to provide feedback

User Personas:

Name: ​Noelle Hill 
Gender:​ Female
Age:​ 27
Education:​ Graduate
Occupation:​ Software Engineer at AT&T
Income:​ 82k per year
Tagline​: “Stay calm and carry on”
Narrative:​ Now that she works full remote – Noelle tries to limit work to under 50 hours a week, but can’t seem to shut her work brain off. Long nights and early mornings means she always needs a pick me up. Overtly active on the weekends (loves hiking) to compensate for long times stuck at the desk. Travel is always on the mind, but work always seems to find a way to stop her from leaving for long periods of time.

Name: ​Jonah Carson
Gender:​ Male
Age:​ 28
Education:​ Graduate
Occupation:​ Graphic Designer at Experis
Income:​ 63k per year
Tagline​: “Staying woke and staying broke ”
Narrative:​ Keeps it quiet that he makes substantially more money than all of his friends. Very vocal on social media in regards to social justice and political issues. He is finding is harder to stay focused on work and deadlines now that he is working from home. Plays Rocket League nightly and has a self proclaimed craft beer ‘addiction’. Only buys Mac products and is contemplating becoming a vegetarian as a new year’s resolution.

Name: ​Lily Pan
Gender:​ Female
Age:​ 35
Education:​ MBA
Occupation:​ Product Manager at Ebay
Income:​ 140k per year
Tagline​: “User knows best”
Narrative:​ With a one year old son and stay at home husband, she finds solace in the empty office space she used to share with her colleagues and works from the office 2 days a week. Active on all social media platforms, but rarely posts. Supports various go fund me campaigns and tries to limit her family’s use of plastics and other non degradable products.


Wireframes (Mobile):

Moodboard (from client):

Style Guide:

Website Buildout: