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Like the Hudson or PCP when I'm dusting

Soulgrinder Magazine

Founded in 2013 by Paul Caravasi –  Soulgrinder Zine is a printed magazine distributed throughout Usa, South America and Europe. In 2021, I developed the UX/UI design and build out for their desktop/mobile app.

Elevator pitch:

As more people are super glued to computer screens of all sizes in their schools and workplaces, the nostalgic experience of engaging with a printed medium for relaxation is growing by the day. Celebrating a culture often deemed too extreme for the majority – Soulgrinder Zine brings back the dangerous, dirty, DIY aesthetic sorely missed in today’s over polished and oversaturated digital media – all in beautiful black & white xeroxed print. This is by the culture for the culture.      

Target Audience:


  • Heavy metal bands/fans
  • Pop Culture followers
  • Horror Movie fans
  • Artists/Photographers
  • Promoters
  • Writers


  • More singles than family                               
  • Education – High school
  • Occupations – Essential workers, bartenders, students, labours                
  • Age – 15 to 50s
  • Location – USA, Europe, South America, Australia


  • Personality & Attitudes: Outgoing, extroverts, politically/environmentally conscious, artistic
  • Values: Community, the arts
  • Lifestyle: Single, social, loves a night out, works hard

User Needs:

  • Order Soulgrinder Zine and Merch online
  • PayPal supported
  • Menu configuration options
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Address, Phone Number, & Hours
  • Social media presence links

Client Needs:

  • Set up online orders
  • PayPal supported
  • Provide a system for order customization
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Continual Reliability
  • Users able to provide feedback
  • Email signup

User Persona:

Name: ​James Fryer
Gender:​ Male
Age:​ 36
Education:​ High School
Occupation:​ Distribution Center Manager at Amazon
Income:​ 36k
Tagline​: “Social media is cancer on society”
Narrative:​ Absent from all forms of social media and makes it his mission to let everyone know of its dangers. Works full time to support his 1 year old and lets off steam by going to metal shows on the weekend – where he get in for free because he helps sells merch for the bands. Plans on going to community college once his fiance is able to go back to work. His fiance forced him to give up cigarettes as a way to save money and for his health – but has an abundance of friends at shows who are able to give him one whenever he needs.

Name: ​Stu Davenport
Gender:​ Male
Age:​ 21
Education:​ Current College Student
Occupation:​ Journalism Student at College & Part time Barista
Income:​ 8k
Tagline​: “I like their old stuff better than their new stuff”
Narrative:​ Spends most Saturday nights at shows – taking photos and writing reviews for his online music blog. Lives with his mother and stepfather, but spends weekends couchsurfing between friends and people he meets at shows. Thinks he can tell alot about someone by going through their record collection. Hoping to get an internship at an online music publication or record label next fall.

Name: ​Belinda Bec
Gender:​ Female
Age:​ 24
Education:​ Highschool Graduate
Occupation:​ Bartender at the Crocodile Nightclub/ Tattoo Apprentice
Income:​ 21k
Tagline​: “Pay dues not student loans”
Narrative:​ Was studying graphic design at college but dropped out early to take up a tattoo apprenticeship under her favorite local artist. Bass player in local band that plays at least 3 shows a month. Works at the same nightclub she usually plays at as a bartender for extra income. Loves networking with any band that come through town in hopes of joining tours or shows.


Mobile Wireframes:

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Website Buildout:

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