Crying Tiger Thai Cuisine – Queen Anne

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Crying Tiger Thai Cuisine – Queen Anne

Crying Tiger Thai Cuisine is a restaurant in the Lake City/North Seattle area. Founded in 2019, I was contracted to develop the logo and UX/UI design for their desktop/mobile app.

Elevator Pitch:
Are you bored of drab and dreary flavors? Your tastebuds deserve better! Get ready for bright, comforting street food favorites from Thailand. Our vast menu takes cues and spices from the markets across Bangkok and Phuket. While only being in operation for 13 months – Crying Tiger has quickly become the Emerald Cities’ benchmark for authentic Thai cuisine.  Find out why today!

Target Audience:


  • Remote workers   
  • Office & IT workers
  • Essential workers (supermarket staff)
  • Young families
  • Busy folks who needs fast and healthy options


  • More singles than family                               
  • Education – College Education or Higher
  • Occupations – IT and Business people, commuters, essential workers                  
  • Age – 20s to 40s
  • Location – Queen Anne Seattle, WA, 98125


  • Personality & Attitudes: Professional, egalitarian, you pay for what you get, likes to try new things, wants to support local business
  • Values: Free time is important, new experiences, learning
  • Lifestyle: Single, Social, Loves a night out, busy,

User Needs:

  • Order food online
  • Grub Hub / Door Dash supported
  • Find out if the restaurant delivers to their area
  • COVID 19 Response
  • Menu configuration options
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Address, Phone Number, & Hours
  • Nutritional Value
  • Social media presence links

Client Needs:

  • Set up online orders
  • Grub Hub / Door Dash supported
  • Provide a system for order customization
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Continual Reliability
  • Users able to provide feedback

User Profiles:

Name: ​Aranya Stevens
Gender:​ Female
Age:​ 29
Education:​ High School
Occupation:​ Homemaker
Income:​ N/A
Tagline​: “Everything will sort itself out”
Narrative:​ Moved to Seattle last year from Phuket on the H1B Visa and recently gave birth to first child. Husband works for Microsoft and has recently become full remote and WFH in their 1 bedroom apartment. Feels cramped and isolated being so far from home and the current pandemic has made it impossible to travel home for the foreseeable future. She only talks to her child in Siamese so he can be bilingual and be able to embrace his Thai roots.

Name: ​Clint Newtown
Gender:​ Male
Age:​ 24
Education:​ High School
Occupation:​ Lyft/Uber Eats Driver
Income:​ 23k
Tagline​: “Make your own moves”
Narrative:​ Spends more than half the day behind the wheel of his recently purchased 2015 Toyota Corolla. Had to leave his job as a bartender due to COVID and now earns money as a Lyft/Uber eats driver. Because of this he likes to support local restaurants and often gives his Lyft clients tips on where to eat around Seattle. Has hopes of opening his own food truck once the pandemic is over and wants to be his own boss.

Name: ​Raj Gura
Gender:​ Male
Age:​ 33
Education:​ Graduate
Occupation:​ Software Engineer at Amazon
Income:​ 170k
Tagline​: “Does ordering uber eats count as social interaction?”
Narrative:​ As an introvert, Raj has embraced the covid restrestions – barley leaving his apartment for weeks at a time. Working fully remote and being a bachelor, Uber eats has become his new best friend -ordering takeaway food at least 5 times a week through the app. Loves spicy food and finds traditional American food to be bland.

Outline of Scope Content Requirements Content:

  • Opening times
  • The delivery radius
  • Contact details (social media)
  • About Us/Testimonials
  • Story of Crying Tiger
  • Customizable Food Menu – Add or remove meat/ spice level
  • Being able to write additional comments or dietary requirements that can be seen by chefs
  • Images of menu items
  • Prices of all items, shopping cart that keeps track of items (and prices added)
  • Coupon Entry Options
  • Payment Options
  • Delivery Options and delivery times
  • Being able to add delivery instructions or additional comments
  • FAQ/Contact Us

Functionality Requirements Systems:

  • See opening times and delivery restrictions
  • Create an account/log in
  • Choose a menu item & spice level
  • Or Choose the bases of an item and customize
    • Toppings
    • Extras
    • Option to additional comments or dietary requirements
  • Place Order/Payment Screen
    • Contact information
    • Delivery Information
    • Choose payment option (online or at delivery)
    • Coupon Entry
    • Order confirmation
    • Able to add delivery instructions or additional comments
    • Able to leave reviews and or feedback


Wireframes (for Mobile):

Moodboard (from client):

Style Guide:

Website Buildout: