Graphic Novel – Tales From the Black Circle

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Graphic Novel – Tales From the Black Circle

Paying homage to EC’s landmark line of horror comics, Tales From the Black Circle contains three tales of true life terror, all torn out of the pages of Norwegian Black Metal history. Rigorously researched using both primary and secondary sources (roughly 50% of written material is based upon direct quotes from individuals and interviews conducted for research purposes), these stories of frightful non-fiction will educate as well as entertain the reader who has an interest in black metal, EC horror, music history, crime, and comic books. It also comes with a read along soundtrack available on both cassette and download link.

Released in 2018, it has sold hundreds of copies all over the world and nominated for a Rondo Horror Award. One of the biggest metal sites in the world (Metal Injection) posted about it during the campaign and it was their most talked about/public engagement story of 2018 on their social media! Also, we also received a publishing deal offer with German comic book company Insekten Haus (Insect House) and a two page feature in Rock Hard magazine.


Tales From the Black Circle (With Cassette) – $18.00

Tales From the Black Circle (Comic Only) – $15.00

A Journey Through Helvete (Cassette) – $8.00

Tales From the Black Circle (Digital PDF) – $5.00

Shipping in USA is $4
International shipping is $12

Tales From the Black Circle is currently available for purchase at Seattle record stores Easy Street Records, Sonic Boom and Zion’s Gate. Internationally it is stocked in Australian stores Utopia Records (Sydney) and Sonic Sherpa Records (Brisbane). It has also found a home at Norway’s Neseblod Records – which is also the Black Metal Museum.