Kebabble – San Francisco

Like the Hudson or PCP when I'm dusting

Kebabble – San Francisco

Kebabble is a Food Truck located in the San Francisco/Oakland area. Foundered in 2018, I was contracted to develop a basic UX/UI design for their desktop/mobile app.

Elevator pitch

Everyone’s late night favorite snack is back! Kebabble has perfected the Doner Kebab experience making it more convenient and as tasty as ever! Our mouth watering meats wrapped up in toasty pita bread are the stuff of legend – but that beautifully basic recipe leaves plenty of room for improvisation. Variety is the spice of life and Kababble prides itself with vast customization options to indulge personal tastes – delivered fast and fresh – right to your door.

Target Audience:


  • Late night workers (Chefs, Waiters, Bartenders)
  • Tech Workers (city dwellers who go out after work)


  • Gender: More men than women Age: between 21 to 45 years Education: Any
  • Location: Downtown San Francisco + Oakland


  • Personality & Attitudes: Professional, egalitarian, not fussy, likes to try new things Values: Free time is important
  • Lifestyle: Single, Social, Loves a night out, busy

User Needs:

  • Order food online
  • Grub Hub / Door Dash supported
  • Find out if the truck delivers to their area
  • Menu configuration options
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Address, Phone Number, & Hours
  • Nutritional Value
  • Social media presence links

Client Needs:

  • Set up online orders
  • Grub Hub / Door Dash supported
  • Provide a system for order customization
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Continual Reliability
  • Users able to provide feedback

User Persona:

Name: ​Steven Hallbrook:
Gender:​ Male
Age:​ 27
Education:​ Graduate
Occupation:​ Software Engineer at startup Income:​ 120k per year
Tagline​: “Working for the weekend”
Narrative:​ Works over 50+ hours a week, spends free time monday to friday in the Gym. Bike rides on saturdays. While forever conscious of his diet and finances – Saturday night is his “cheat night” in which he spends it with friends at local bars and clubs to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Name:​ ​Dallas Green:
Gender:​ Male
Age:​ 29
Education:​ Current UX Student
Occupation:​ Bartender at Night Club
Income:​ 40k per year
Tagline:​ “My free time – is me time”
Narrative: ​Current full time student, Dallas works mainly weekends bartending at upscale club in downtown San Francisco. He usually finishes work at 3:00am. Spends free time studying and playing xbox.

Name:​ ​Kyoung Nugen:
Gender:​ Female
Age:​ 42
Education:​ Marketing Graduate
Occupation:​ Marketing Manager for Tech Company Income:​ 110k per year
Tagline:​ “If only there were more hours in the day”
Narrative:​ Works full time, single mother raising teenage boy. Gets home late on friday nights, would love to move out of the city one day to a bigger place. Loves a good book, as much as she loves a good wine. Money conscious, always looking for a deal.

Outline of Scope Content Requirements Content

  • Opening times
  • The delivery radius
  • Contact details (social media)
  • About Us/Testimonials
  • Customizable Food Menu (Pick choice of meat, and add (or delete) various toppings and sauces
  • Being able to write additional comments or dietary requirements that can be seen by chefs
  • Images of menu items
  • Prices of all items, shopping cart that keeps track of items (and prices added)
  • Coupon Entry Options
  • Payment Options
  • Delivery Options and delivery times
  • Being able to add delivery instructions or additional comments
  • FAQ/Contact Us

Functionality Requirements Systems

  • See opening times and delivery restrictions
  • Create an account/log in
  • Choose a standard Kabab
  • Or Choose the bases of their kabab (protein) and customize
    • Option to add fries and drink
    • Option to remove items
    • Option to additional comments or dietary requirements
  •  Place Order
    • Contact information
    • Delivery Information
    • Choose payment option (online or at delivery)
    • Coupon Entry
    • Order confirmation
    • Able to add delivery instructions or additional comments
    • Able to leave reviews and or feedback



Kebabble Moodboard (From Client):

Style Guide:

Mobile Mockup: