AussieBytes – Seattle

Like the Hudson or PCP when I'm dusting

AussieBytes – Seattle

AussieBytes is a phone app that lists where users can find Australian food items (for example
Vegemite, Tim Tams, Meat Pies) in places across the globe. It is mainly designed for expats
who struggle to find places that stock their favorites from their homeland. It would be available
for download on Google Play and other application services for phones.

AussieBytes – Bringing the tastes of down under right to your fingertips

A description of the main activity or function of the app:
The main function for the app is to build a user curated Australian food database within their local
communities. A user (say an expat Australian) sees an Australian food item at a supermarket or
shop, they then log into AussieBytes, list the item and share the location which other users can see. This will over time create a database in which users can type particular food items (eg vegemite) into the app’s search bar – and it will return a list of locations that stock the item within a given location radius (eg 25 miles).

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