Chunky Bunny Ramen – Lake City

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Chunky Bunny Ramen – Lake City

Chunky Bunny Ramen is a restaurant in the Lake City/North Seattle area. Founded in 2019, I was contracted to develop the logo, UX/UI design and website build out for their desktop/mobile app.

Elevator pitch

When was the last time you had a true mouthwatering experience? Chunky Bunny delivers them nightly to our loyal customers, or as we like to call them – ramen-tics. Customize and create your own delicious dish – or trust in one of our professionally picked chef selections, it’s up to you! Our traditional,  authentic Japanese noodles and 100% homemade broths take us up to 17 hours to prepare – are available for pickup or delivery in a matter of minutes. 

Target Audience:


  • Remote workers   
  • Office & IT workers
  • Essential workers (supermarket staff)
  • Young families
  • Busy folks who needs fast and healthy options


  • More singles than family                               
  • Education – College Education or Higher
  • Occupations – IT and Business people, commuters, essential workers                  
  • Age – 20s to 40s
  •  Location –Lake City, Seattle, WA, 98125


  • Personality & Attitudes: Professional, egalitarian, you pay for what you get, likes to try new things 
  • Values: Free time is important
  • Lifestyle: Single, Social, Loves a night out, busy

User Needs:

  • Order food online
  • Grub Hub / Door Dash supported
  • Find out if the restaurant delivers to their area
  • Menu configuration options
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Address, Phone Number, & Hours
  • Nutritional Value
  • Social media presence links

Client Needs:

  • Set up online orders
  • Grub Hub / Door Dash supported
  • Provide a system for order customization
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Continual Reliability
  • Users able to provide feedback

User Persona:

Name: ​Nas Xi
Gender:​ Male
Age:​ 27
Education:​ Graduate
Occupation:​ Software Engineer at Amazon 
Income:​ 120k per year
Tagline​: “Just one more game”
Narrative:​ Works over 50+ hours a week, spends free time monday to friday on Steam. Has big dreams of learning how to cook, but due to the continual release of important video games, he finds himself reaching for his grub hub app. Hates burgers and fries and other American fast food chains.

Name: ​Gasi Rutin
Gender:​ Female
Age:​ 24
Education:​ Graduate
Occupation:​ Recruiter at Software Company
Income:​ 50k per year
Tagline​: “This weekend better be sunny!”
Narrative:​ Has a strong belief in a work/life balance. Hikes nearly every weekend with a small group of friends. Hates cooking in her small kitchen, so dines out frequently.

Name: ​Sara Barker
Gender:​ Female
Age:​ 29
Education:​ Graduate
Occupation:​ Marketing Consultant
Income:​ 70k per year
Tagline​: “You have to look good to feel great!”
Narrative:​ Social media fiend and has a long list of influencers she admires. Her social feeds are filled with food photos. Wishers her city had a better night life.

Outline of Scope Content Requirements Content:

  • Opening times
  • The delivery radius
  • Contact details (social media)
  • About Us/Testimonials
  • What is Ramen (history of product)
  • Customizable Food Menu (Pick choice of meat, and add (or delete) various toppings and sauces
  • Being able to write additional comments or dietary requirements that can be seen by chefs
  • Images of menu items
  • Prices of all items, shopping cart that keeps track of items (and prices added)
  • Coupon Entry Options
  • Payment Options
  • Delivery Options and delivery times
  • Being able to add delivery instructions or additional comments
  • FAQ/Contact Us

Functionality Requirements Systems:

  • See opening times and delivery restrictions
  • Create an account/log in
  • Choose a standard Ramen
  • Or Choose the bases of their Ramen (protein) and customize
    • Noodle
    • Broth
    • Toppings
    • Extras
    • Option to additional comments or dietary requirements
  • Place Order/Payment Screen
    • Contact information
    • Delivery Information
    • Choose payment option (online or at delivery)
    • Coupon Entry
    • Order confirmation
    • Able to add delivery instructions or additional comments
    • Able to leave reviews and or feedback



Moodboard (From Client):

Style Guide:

Final Design Samples (Mobile):

Website Buildout: