Graphic Nature: Ghoulish Gary Pullin – Friday the 13th Part 3 [WaxWork]

Capitalizing on the brief fad of Reagan-era 3D movies, Steve Miner’s Friday the 13th Part III continues Jason’s manic journey across the blood soaked grounds of Camp Crystal Lake.  Acclaimed and revered more than the film itself, Harry Manfredini’s score fashions some of the most chilling, daring and skillfully orchestrated music ever composed for the horror genre.  Stalking the vaults of Paramount Pictures – WaxWork Records faithfully restores both Manfredini’s master tapes as well as the vintage 3D aesthetic of the film by commissioning horror icon ‘Ghoulish’ Gary Pullin to carve out the vicious visual illusion that will bring a new dimension of terror to the turntable.


Reflecting back upon his strong history with the Friday franchise, Pullin notes “I love the Friday films, they’re always a lot of fun to revisit. I think Manfredini’s score is essential to the series, it’s a very eerie and chilling piece of music. I still hear it in my head every time I’m in the woods. It’s hard to imagine a Friday film without his score. I also love how Manfredini experimented with the theme and the Friday 3 soundtrack is a great example of that.”

He continues “I’ve done a few official Friday the 13th related things, I worked with Mondo on a Final Chapter poster and a very special screen print for Fright Rags for their ‘Survivors’ print. It was a charity event in 2012 with the actresses, or the “final girls”, from the first four Friday films. The event raised money and awareness for victims of domestic violence. I got to finally meet Adrienne King at Living Dead Con in Portland and tell her I was the guy that did the artwork.”

Working with WaxWork since its inception –  Pullin has developed a potent chemistry with the label.  “It’s always a fun collaboration working with [WaxWork]” he explains. “The concept behind the 3D lenticular cover with Jason coming at you was something WaxWork mentioned in the very beginning. I kind of took it from there and presented them with the idea of Voorhees breaking through the movie screen, which was partly inspired by the original House of Wax in 3D poster. For Friday the 13th 3D vinyls, I suggested the red and blue to represent 3D lenses and then WaxWork came up with the bloody hockey mask variant since Part 3 is the first time Jason finds the hockey mask. WaxWork is always thinking of cool ways to do things and as a designer it’s really great because it really feels limitless in what you can do with the medium.”


“I watched the film and then just started collecting imagery for reverence” reflects Pullin in regards to the creative process behind the cover art. I also referred to a really great book, Crystal Lake Memories. That’s where I got the idea to do the cut, alternative ending as the interior art We tried to sneak as many of the fun things that make F13 in 3D so unique to the series into the design.”


Threatening the mentals with its multidimensional dread – Pullin captures the true iconic statue of Jason Voorhees. Perfectly displayed within the lush lenticular – beautifully textured glass fragments literally piece the eye and the blue and red text font embody the yesteryear of 3d imagery.

“Aside from a few thumbnails, I drew and painted everything digitally by hand using my Wacom Cintique tablet” explains Pullin. “The people who printed the lenticular just needed all of the the elements on the cover to be on separate layers. It may have been a bit more time consuming with the glass and weapon’s elements. From the very beginning, I made sure to draw each element on their own. I’m used to keeping artwork in layers when doing a screen print, so this was a bit similar to that. They did a great job and as always, Stoughton Printing did a bang up job with the rest of the package. In regards to the length of the project, he explains ”It’s hard to put an hour by hour estimate on it, but from start to finish it was over a month or so of work – But as they say, time flies when you’re having fun!”


With the lenticular vinyl release selling out within a matter of minutes – its safe to say the Friday the 13th Part 3 release struck a nerve with both the franchize and WaxWork fanbases. Casting a look over his cadaverous canvas, Pullin notes  “with each score we’ve collaborated on, the finished product has always exceeded my expectations. It’s like Christmas morning when I get to open up the records and see how they turned out. I hope the person buying our soundtracks just really just enjoys them and has a new and unique experience taking in the artwork and the score as a whole. If the filmmakers, the composers and fans of the films are happy with the end result, that’s really about all you can hope for.”

Campy and morose, The Friday the 13th Part 3 vinyl continues WaxWork’s love affair with Manfredini’s dark strings – mixed with a little disco dust.. Capturing both the frights and fun of the 3D cinematic experience, Pullin again showcases his schlock-horror elegance – wearing his heart on the vinyl sleeve.

Peace to Ghoulish Gary Pullin for helping out with this piece. Get your own copy of Friday the 13th Part III from WaxWork Records. Head over to Daily Dread to check out Pullin’s work with Fright Rags and recap of the Survivor’s charity event. Keep in touch with Pullin on his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Official pages.




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